The Foundation for a Smoke Free World (FSFW) will host a free 60-minute public economics webinar to discuss the latest news regarding electronic nicotine delivery systems.

Prof. Riccardo Polosa, founder of the CoEHAR, will open the event Following the Science: Using the Best Available Evidence to Assess the Health Risks of Nicotine Products”.

The webinar will feature the presentation of two international renowned speakers: Dr. Rachel Murkett, project director at Biochromex, a life sciences consulting company focused on public health and pharmaceuticals, and Dr. Renée O’Leary, researcher and project leader of In Silico Science, a project by CoEHAR.

Join the meeting Thursday, May 12, 2022 at 9.00AM EST (3.00 PM Geneva/ 8.00PM Indonesia). To access the event, register at the following link.


Nicotine products have undergone numerous developments in the last half a century. Many alternatives to traditional combustible tobacco products have been introduced to consumers, most of which were developed to reduce harms associated with traditional products. 

As these products become increasingly popular with consumers, it is important to continuously assess their efficacy and safety with the goal of minimising harm. 

The webinar will objectively and methodologically identify and analyse the best available evidence, exploring what the current evidence tells us about the relative harms of the full spectrum of nicotine products, from combustible cigarettes to nicotine replacement therapies. 

Drawing another examples of harm reduction, panelists will discuss the importance of taking a pragmatic approach to public health issues to obtain better outcomes